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The Internet and the Internet’s users’ opinions is without doubt the best way to guard against scams by text and cell phone.

After many months, you're more likely to be victim of phone scams, either by text or suspect calls directly. It announces that you have won in a contest a large sum or a person pretends not to hear you and asks you to call back or even your phone calls but hangs up immediately, there are many scenarios and often prudence is vital not to get scammed. On our website, we read the reviews on these calls and suspicious texts, so you can assess the credibility of the number that contacted you directly.

Latest scannings of scam numbers

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How to recognize a cell phone scam?

Unlike you might think, prevent against these scams is not so complicated.

There are a few ground rules to avoid being victim of cell phone scams. First, check whether the person is present or not in your address book. Second, pay attention to the numbers surcharge, for this you can check directly on our website that displays pricing associated with each code. If you are asked to recall, simply type scam then the number patents in question on Google, for example, or then enter this number into our search engine. This will allow you a few clicks to check if other people have been victims of the same number. Once all of these steps are done, you will have enough elements for you to decide whether or not to call back this number.